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Clausthal University of Technology (CUT) is a core member of the KIC EIT RawMaterials. Thus it is a participant in the largest European network for raw materials with over 100 partners from education, research and industry. This enables us to develop and execute projects with strong international partners. The aim of the consortium is to secure the supply of raw materials for the European industry by enhancing European knowledge and innovativeness in the raw material sector.

For further information regarding the KIC itself please visit the web site of the KIC EIT Raw Materials.

As an innovative university our university prides itself on its deep commitment to technology transfer. A significant proportion of the third-party funding that the university raises annually comes from the business sector. What is more, over the past 30 years dozens of university spin-off companies have been formed. Some of them are now global market leaders in their field. To sharpen its research profile our university reorganised its research activities in 2016 under the theme "Energy, Materials, Information" in four main research topics. Two of these main research topics are heavily related to the KIC agenda:

Both are part of the interdisciplinary research centre "Clausthal Centre of material technology" providing infrastructure for interdisciplinary research groups beyond the facilities and equipment in the institutes. The direct research on primary and secondary raw materials topics as well as substitution are supplemented by accompanying topics like physics, engineering, IT, material science.



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